Flashing superparasites to Typhoon

2 minute read Published: 2020-08-11

I guess you found this post because you want to flash the superparasites firmware to Typhoon. As this is a custom firmware it's not as easy as building and flashing the official MI firmware images. Here's how it worked for me.

Use the Mutable Instruments Vagrant dev environment as pointed out here: How to get started writing your own firmware for Mutable Instruments Clouds | by Tom Whitwell | Music Thing Modular Notes | Medium

cd /vagrant
git clone --recursive https://github.com/patrickdowling/superparasites.git

Download GNU Toolchain | 5-2016-q3-update – Arm Developer to the /vagrant shared folder, then

tar -xvjf gcc-arm-none-eabi-5_4-2016q3-20160926-linux,-d-,tar.bz2 # better do that on the host if possible
sudo mv gcc-arm-none-eabi-5_4-2016q3 /usr/local/

Make the bootloader and the firmware:

cd /vagrant/superparasites/
make -f supercell/bootloader/makefile
make -f supercell/makefile VARIANT=MICROCELL

Upload the firmware:

export PGM_INTERFACE=stlink-v2
openocd -s /opt/local/share/openocd/scripts -f interface/stlink-v2.cfg -f target/stm32f4x.cfg -c "init" -c "halt" -c "sleep 200" -f stmlib/programming/jtag/erase_f4xx.cfg -c "flash write_image erase build/microcell/microcell_bootloader_combo.hex" -c "verify_image build/microcell/microcell_bootloader_combo.hex" -c "sleep 200" -c "reset run" -c "shutdown"

That should be it. If I forgot anything here, please shoot me a mail.