Hello, Korg


Please hire me.

My name’s Chris and I’m an electrical engineer gone developer gone electrical engineer. Let me explain. After finishing university, I couldn’t find my place in the typical German engineering space. So I turned to coding instead as that always fascinated me (I wrote my first text-adventure at the age of 13).

My passion for creating hardware came back much later, when I - after fiddling with a bunch of Arduino projects - was tasked to make props for a pop-up Escape Room, here in Berlin.

After almost burning out during a long, exhausting blockchain-gig I decided to go all in and put my time where my mind was: creating musical instruments. I don’t consider myself a musician but I am deeply fascinated by the ins and outs of music creation, the beauty of its math and the resulting sonic experiences. After some time, I came to see it as my purpose to enable musicians to be inspired by their instruments and just do what they do best. I’m still on my path there, gathering knowledge and building machines that primarily educate myself but yet are useful.

Joining you wonderful bunch of people would take me a big step forward in reaching these goals. In my time of working exclusively for myself I found that I thrive when interacting with people, collaborating on projects and learning from each other. I do miss that dearly and am hoping to find that with you. To me it seems that you can provide the freedom that I need for learning and realising my own ideas and at the same time challenge me with ambitious projects that are unique and new and exciting! The aspect that you’re a tight-knit, interdisciplinary group building almost everything in-house is particularly compelling to me. I’d love to expand my horizon in manufacturing real-life objects (don’t get me wrong, I’m no stranger to soldering irons, 3D printers or laser cutters - but there’s always so much more to learn).

If you have questions, please reach out, I’d be happy to be in touch :)